Thankful Feel-Good Friday Afternoon

I’m behind on my memes, as I spent too much time on the mother of all music memes yesterday. BUT, also yesterday, I spent two soul-baring, life-affirming hours with your favorite Sista, and mine. That’s number one on the Thankful list for the week. Absolutely number one.

Which leads me to what I tried to post for FGF this morning, but that didn’t work. As one would think quite natural for such a pairing, the conversation last night turned to music and we giddily exchanged iPods and squealed over each other’s great taste. Among our shared appreciations was Mr. Dwight Yoakam. Here’s my favorite of his, with special guest appearance by the great Buck Owens:

I’m thankful that Mr. Yoakam is still, as they say, keeping it real. I’m thankful for his ilk. We need them.

Okay. Back to what I’m thankful for this week. I’m thankful the week’s over and I’m sitting waiting for my sister to arrive at my parents’ house with the most perfect niece ever.

I’m thankful for the occasion that’s meriting this visit–my grandfather is turning 80 in a few days, and tonight we celebrate. If you knew my grandfather, you’d be shocked to know how old he actually is. I wish I had a thimble of his energy.

I’m thankful for my kids at school. (I know, I know.) They, for the most part–minus the one who shoved me yesterday–have been sweet this week. They’ve reminded me that they really do have these childlike hearts that can be so endearing. They’ve made me not hate my job so much. That’s a pretty big accomplishment.

I’m thankful, in a twisted kind of way, that more and more foods seem to be giving me migraines. These foods, thus far, are either unhealthy anyway or ones I don’t mind living without–like, right now, the only appealing things are whole organic foods. Not too shabby. I should be wafer-thin in no time.

Along the same lines, I AM SO THANKFUL FOR TRADER JOE’S. When they first hit Green Hills, I was excited because I’d heard good things, but not overly zealous to jump into the dogpile of yuppies opening day crowd. On a whim, though, I decided to visit during their opening weekend, which was a bad choice. I said I wouldn’t be back for six months. BUT, one of my co-worker friends was telling me about their great prices on organic produce, and the thrifty granola in me couldn’t help but give it another chance.

It’s an organic, economic wonderland. I kid you not. I don’t do a lot of cooking per se, but I do like to make “real” food, if that makes any sense, for my lunches and suppers at home. I have to keep it simple for the sake of health, money, and convenience. Everything there is healthy, prepared, and cheap. I was in awe. I really feel like–for my individual situation–I’m going to get the best value for my money. I don’t think it would work for everyone, such as families or people who do a lot of cooking with obscure ingredients, but as a single person trying to make healthy and cheap choices, I don’t think I can do any better.

Enough of that. I am VERY thankful that my tax refund went in today! And I am thankful for my mom for filing for me. Goodness knows I’d have no idea what to do if I had to do it myself.

Finally, I’m thankful and excited about my plans for Sunday night–I’m going to this as a volunteer and thus won’t have to pay. I just don’t know what to wear…suggestions welcome.

Happy weekend to you!

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